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Home office

100% recycling

Let employees work from home. It is brining not only cost-savings effects but also helping environment and supporting employees to have balanced life style. Are you wondering how? Imagine how many cars, trains and buses need to transport people to work and back every day, how much energy is wasted and how much pollution is produced. Energy for having warm and cleaned offices is spent every day for people sitting there from morning to evening. Imagine how much time employees can save every day instead of traveling to and from office. Maybe they can rather spend this time with their families or relax. Decision to move employees to home offices has to be supported with change management activity. Home office needs infrastructure like phone, internet connection accessibility of company Intranet and company systems. It is also about changing working habits. Employees have to be much more goal oriented. Management has to be able to keep control over work even employees are not sitting close to them. Also social part is important. Employees have to see their colleagues face to face regularly and keep relation with company. This is not as easy as you can think in beginning. But we are here to help you.

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Green sourcing

Can social responsible company buy cheap children labor? Can company use supplier, who is devastating forests to get best wood for the furniture? Or can company buy products which are produced with big pollution? Definitely not. But how can you to pretend it? The green souring transformation project is the answer. There is necessary to put one more aspect to your work with your supplier. Not only best price, quality or reliability matters. To measure and control supplier's social responsibility is also important. And this has to be implemented to every step of your purchasing.

Green process

Process transformation can support cost savings and also reduce company ecological footprint. Can your company for example reduce wasting of paper, office space, traveling and storage without impact to our business efficiency? This is something which can be answered and also implemented by organizational change management focused on green process.

Employee programs

Does your company measure how good working environment employees have? And has it been constantly improved? What about social environment, possibility to have enough quality food for employees? Does your company take care about healthy living standard of employees? Is it possible to reduce stress factor? There are plenty of opportunities how to improve working environment and make employees happier in their work (which also means more efficient). We can help you develop and implement these programs.

Alternative energy sources

Do you know how much energy-intensive are your offices, warehouses or workplaces? According to your transformation process you can install and utilize energy-saving electric devices and office equipment, furthermore you can insulate workplaces and buildings, install low-energy heating and profit from the alternative energy resources which are saving your costs and also environment. We are ready to help you realize maximal utilization of alternative energy resources in your company.