Organization change management

Effective change

Even a positive organization change can be perceived negatively. Employees are working inside their comfort zones and the change is bringing a fear of unknown. To keep safe and known status quo employees can fight a lot. Organization Change Management activities help to get employees' support for the change and drive them to new safe status quo.

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Change adoption check

This activity usually consists of gathering information on different levels and preparing final outcome in cooperation with client. Usually outcome includes:

  • Impact of change for different employee groups of interests inside organization
  • Identification of sponsors, groups of interests, key players, main change stoppers and all other roles inside organization, which are crucial for any organization changes
  • Key success factors of the change

Change Adoption Check can be used as a part of Project Risk Assessment to assess the risk, if organizational change is a part of project.

Organization new shape

Organization New Shape is designed if there is a need to change organization hierarchy, merge companies, outsource a part of company etc. Usually outcome includes:

  • New managerial structure
  • Clearly defined new roles and responsibilities
  • New processes

Organization new Shape can be a part of Organization Change Plan or provided separately.

Organization change plan

Based on Change Adoption Check the plan defines how to approach different groups in organization and work with them during adopting the change is prepared. Organization Change Plan is usually built as part of Project Set-Up, if organizational change is a part of the project.

Organization change support

Organization Change Support drives organization over the change adoption based on Organization Change Plan. Organization Change Support can be provided in parallel to Project Management or Project Assurance, if organizational change is a part of the project.