Management outsourcing

Peer-to-peer review with manager

Quite often the salary and benefits of full time assignment manager cannot be paid off by results. Have you ever thought to hire such kind management expert only to successfully pass difficult period in organization or for specific non routine projects? Or what about hire this expert only for a part time to control that team is working well? This kind of outsourced manager is not motivated to build a career inside organization. Outsourced manager has clearly defined goals and he is fully focused to deliver them. In the end he provides higher quality, better results at lower price.

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External management

External Management covers the function of internal manager to reach certain goals or until the new internal manager is not found.

Management assurance and advisory

Management Assurance is giving external view if the team, department or whole organization is running according to given guidelines. Management Assurance can also help to control newly hired internal manager who needs to prove himself in a new role. Management Assurance and Advisory can be combined with Management Representation.

Management representation

Management Representation provides an expert who knows local environment to represent and support organization during top level negotiations with partners, suppliers, customers or local authorities without needs of full time internal country manager. This brings fast return of investment especially for newly built local offices of international company. Management Representation can be combined with Management Assurance and Advisory.

Crisis management

Different short term goals have to be accomplished in difficult times when company is not performing well. Managers who are experienced to control operations are not always fully capable to do the changes and make fast cost-cutting decisions. External crisis management team helps company to build and accomplish crisis plan to bring back required performance and profit.