Cost saving activities

66.67% savings in transport

Have you already noticed that organizations with over 100 white collars are not such effective as they are supposed to be comparing to smaller ones? Their employees (or members) spend significant time for internal administration, conference calls, meetings, preparation and presentation of useless internal reports and even for fights between different departments or subgroups inside the organization. Organization is just consuming too much working time and more resources every year without any clear results.

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Cost saving identification

Cost Saving Identification is searching for opportunities where and how organization can lower its expenses and do things more effectively. Saving potential is identified by comparison with best practices in the industry vertical. The main areas for saving potential are:

  • Spend savings by lowering expenses and optimization of whole purchasing cycle in organization
  • Internal process optimization and reorganization including head count reduction and salary level adjustment
  • Implementing of new tools to increase productivity
  • Improve negotiation with suppliers, including using electronic auctions

Change Adoption Check can follow up to evaluate organization resistance to adopt cost saving changes. Project Business Case including Project Risk Assessment can be developed to calculate benefits of Cost Saving Realization.

Cost saving realization

Cost Saving Realization is a project bringing identified savings from Cost Saving Identification to reality. Standard Project Management Office activities are used to drive Cost Saving Realization.

The resistance to adopt cost saving changes in organization is high. Organization Change Management activities are applied in parallel to achieve good saving results.

Electronic auctions

Electronic auctions are effective and powerful tool to lower cost. They help to achieve much bigger savings than standard "paper" tender. We are offering know-how in area of whole supplier selection process finished by electronic auction. Also we are offering our own hosted electronic auction solution on This solution can be used immediately without any installation on customer and his potential suppliers side.