Project management office

Project plan

It is much better to hire long-term experienced professionals to significantly lower the risk of project failure. They can drive project team and apply standard steps of proven project methodology. These professionals can also foresee when project is going to move to wrong direction and bring it back to the track.

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Project business case

Project Business Case clearly articulates project reasons and expected goals. Also it calculates realistic benefits with evaluation of all risk factors by using proven analytical methods. Project Risk Assessment is a usual part of Project Business Case delivery.

Project risk assessment

Project Risk Assessment determinates the project risk factors, evaluates their risk rate to the project and suggests possible elimination of these factors. Project Risk Assessment has to be recalculated once project changes occur during project delivery.

Project set-up

Project Set-Up provides guidance and support for a project sponsor to prepare everything what is necessary to successfully and professionally start a project.

Project Set-Up includes (not exclusively):

  • Project Business Case with Project Risk Assessment
  • Project plan and time schedule
  • Appointing project organization structure and distribute responsibilities
  • Agree project reporting and communication
  • Set up of project management tools
  • Trainings & Workshops if necessary
  • Organizational Change Plan if organizational change is a part of the project
  • All other documents and steps required by given project methodology

Project assurance

Project Assurance supervises if project is running properly. The control is focused if:

  • Project is running according to Project Set-Up
  • Goals are going to be reached as they are expected by Project Business Case
  • Project risk is inline with Project Risk Assessment

Project Assurance role is delegated by project sponsor to have direct and professional control over the project. Project Assurance role is not compatible with Project Management role.

Project management

Experienced Project Manager is a key person appointed from customer or supplier side to manage the project and project team to meet project goal in time and quality according to Project Set-Up or another project documents prepared by the third party and given methodology.